Publisher's Description

Mongoose Forex System - Accurate Signals With Alerts!

Mongoose Forex System - Accurate Signals With Alerts! Publisher's Description

Mongoose Forex System with accurate Buy/Sell Alerts is a fantastic solution to your profit making forex goal. The system is easy to use and a trader has the option of using e-mail alerts to receive the signals as well.

Mongoose Forex System | Trading Software

This Is To ALL Forex Traders, New, Experienced or even Non-Traders: Now a days, forex trading has reached a time where there is so much hype and garbage out there that it is difficult to decide which system will make you money. Well, there are a few ways you can deal with this. One is to first determine YOUR style of trading and according to that, you do your research in finding what suits you. There is GOOD NEWS! The Mongoose Forex System is the perfect forex solution for ALL STYLES of trading! You may now wonder, if this system is so good, why let everyone know? Well there is a logical answer to that. When more and more traders use a particular method, eventually, with enough volume, it will impact the overall markets movement based on that and it will favor the traders like us! So one should not keep strategy/system secrets from the world since we are all in this forex business together and should look out for one another. We were SHOCKED when we took the first 7 trades (ALL PROFITABLE)! I can easily go back around 5 years ago and remember the day our team discovered a profitable system with the help of a few very simple/easy to use tools which we wrote. The first 7 trades we took ended up making exactly $31,904 and this was in exactly 5 days, which is equal to one trading week! I am not saying that you are guaranteed to make 30k+ dollars in a week but I am outlining the potential of the Mongoose Forex System. You may definitely make it BIG just like we did!! One big myth in forex is that it's too hard to manage. The truth is it's never been more easy! Especially now a days since there are helpful tools that make life easier. Only 10 years ago, forex traders like you were not so lucky. They did not have access to such great tools as you do today. We knew that this day would come and we continued to find the most profitable methods out there and we have succeeded! Today is our chance to give you what you deserve! Now To Get Right To The Point... This is what you'll see on your chart when you load it There are 3 types of confirmations! Notice in the picture above, the Mongoose Forex System has 3 types of confirmation. Based on those, you will be able to identify Buy/Sell signals effectively. The system is fairly easy to use overall since all you are looking for is up/down arrows and colors. There is no complications in this system. How Good Is It To Use Confirmation? VERY GOOD. More confirmation means more power in your likelihood of winning your trades. Using a series of different formulas to confirm one another is a great thing to do. The problem is that most people combine tools that are useless and this ends up in a unpleasant experience. Having the right tools are KEY in this business! You may notice that with other forex systems you may have used in the past, you have to look at "several" different different conditions before entering a trade. And these conditions can be hectic and annoying to find. Sometimes they don't even come at the right times and you may end up taking bad trades. Mongoose Forex System gives excellent entries in all conditions! ...This was a live Sell trade on the GBP/USD. As you can see all 3 tools confirmed the trade and this trade ended up being a +92 pip profit. For a H1 time frame a 91 pip profit is extremely good. Another example of a live Buy trade on EUR/USD. The profit was +89 pips which was a fantastic entry. Like always, all 3 indicators matched and the arrow was shown. This USD/CHF Buy trade was a +66 pips profit. As you can see this was a beautiful entry. The signals was bullish until the red arrow on the external window indicator. At this point you can exit the trade if you have not already done so. For our trading, we used the H1 however you can use ANY time frame. The good thing about using multiple confirmations is that you have the ability to succeed on ALL time frames. Manual trading systems are becoming the new norm like it originally was... Many new traders today are turning to the good old fashioned "manual trading" tactics. Manual trading still is the safest way of trading. The most successful forex traders and even stock traders use manual trading techniques for and have been doing so for DECADES! Q: Which time frame will this system work on? A: Any time frame. We personally like the M15 and H1 but you can use any. A: No, this is not a robot. The Mongoose Forex is a "manual system". A: Technically, it will work with any currency pair however, it is strongly recommended that you use Any Major Currency Pair of your choice. This way the volatility will be good enough to make it worthwhile and the spread will be low enough. Q: Would you be able to guide me if I need assistance? A: Yes, we will do whatever we can to help you profit from this forex system. Q: Is this a ONE TIME purchase? A: Yes, for a ONE TIME price, you will keep The Mongoose Forex System and there will be no monthly fees or any additional fee ever! With the Mongoose Forex system, you can use any lot size of your choice. Which means you can also start out with a low balance as well. If you are one of those traders who are looking to start out with a small balance, this system can also fit your needs just as well as a trader who wants to start with a larger balance. What matters is the quality of trades. That is what a trading system needs to be judged by. So you want to know how much this system is CAPABLE of making? Well, in around 3 weeks or trading, we managed to make over 10k dollars! That's not bad at all. This was one of the best 2015 trading weeks we had ever experienced. Forex is the biggest business in the world! You need to grab your piece of the Trillion Dollar Pie! Do Not Wait. Get Yours Now!
Publisher Element Forex
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