Publisher's Description

Mind Mapping Power

Mind Mapping Power Publisher's Description

The Advanced Course That Will Make Your Mind Mapping Skills *Explode* Into New Heights And Help You Reach the Goals of Your Dreams! The advanced Mind Mapping Course; 320 pages packed with tools, methods and techniques for becoming a mind mapping master! This guide will make you develop superb mnemonic abilities, improve your creative skills and harness the power of your subconscious!

Welcome to - Your Source for Motivation, Inspiration and Success!

Let me tell you that I'm really excited and proud to present the highly popular and extremely powerful "Mind Mapping Power" -course to you! In this book, you will learn all the tools and techniques to make your mind mapping skills explode into perfection! With the strategies you will get, you will have the edge in , and , and you will have the most powerful methods to , and unleash the power of your subconscious to become a natural genius! This course has already been highly appreciated by thousands of mind mappers around the world, and it's been available to the mind mapping community for about 10 years. However, I have just recently made some serious updates in it and added lots of extra material, so it is now bigger, better and filled with everything you need to take your mind mapping skills to a Masters Level! Now you can get the Mind Mapping Power as a printed paperback with bonus books inside. You can also get it as a Flip Page e-book and PDF which is available as immediate online access. Finally, there is the grand Power Pack that contains several bonus-movies, a really useful workbook and reviews. And whether you get the book, the e-book or the power pack, you will get a package crammed with the most useful and efficient techniques that will make your mind mapping skills explode into perfection! Why have I done this? Because... I want you to learn mind mapping! I designed this course specifically to give you the critical knowledge you need to become a true Mind Mapping Master! See, I've had some fantastic experiences and achieved some extraordinary results while using mind mapping, and I will tell you some of them later on in this presentation. I've been using mind mapping for the last 15 years, and I still use it almost every day, in almost everything I do. Mind mapping has enriched my life, and in this book I have gathered all my knowledge from it, in order to present the ultimate mind mapping course to you. It is my great pleasure, as well as my goal and my mission with this book, to give you the tools and techniques necessary, to become a real mind mapping master! That means that you will learn the right techniques for making mind maps efficiently, to make mind maps that are effective and that you can use, and how to make the maximum use of your subconscious and your natural mental processes in combination with mind mapping! So get ready to become a Mind Mapping Master! Honestly, mind mapping will make a dramatic change in your life, as you use the techniques that actually works and gives you real, tangible and immediate results! You will be able to organize everything in life in a highly efficient way, memorize complex system with ease, and make an understandable structure of all that information we are blasted with on a daily basis! With these strategies, you will , , and start tapping all of your enormous, dormant mental resources! This will make you a Master Mind! "Hi Marcus, just wanted to say that your Mind Mapping Power Pack course might just be the best one out there! I'm finally able to make use of mind mapping for my studies and personal life! I'm recommending this to everyone! Thank you so much!" Linda, USA "Fantastic examples, great pictures, well explained - you are even a funny guy every now and then! This book was a real treat!" Brandon, UK "I thuroughly enjoyed this course. I will recommend it to my staff!" Lukas, Denmark "I know some mind mapping already, and this book was great for both the beginner and the experienced. The examples was great and I the last bonus book is super-interesting!" Your future when you use mind mapping! As an author, I'm always very pleased to get such fantastic feedback as the above. And what is even more valuable for me, is that the to make positive change and a dramatic improvment in their lives! And if mind mapping worked for them, it will work for you too! Just imagine yourself in the future, a couple of years from now. You are living a great life and you achieve your goals and succeed with your projects all the time. Your work is perfect and you are helping the company to develop and progress. On your free time, you are happy and organized, and you have at least ten times more time to do the things you love. And as you are in this future, looking back on today, you see that it was many small turns that lead you to this future, but there was one major leap that changed your life entirely: - That's right, the answer is Mind Mapping! Look, I'm not saying that mind mapping is some magical wand that sprinkles fairy-dust all over your life. What I'm saying is that mind mapping is a way to understand your own brain, and to structure your thoughts and thinking in a very effective way. And that's why you can see yourself in a couple of years from now, having a great, organized and structured life, just as described above, when you start using the techniques correctly today! - Really, it's that simple! Is mind mapping really that fantastic? Yes it is! ...and I have to admit that I didn't think much of it myself in the beginning. However, I was seriously surprised when I realized the enormous potential in mind mapping. I can just relate to myself and the many people I have interviewed to create the Mind Mapping Power, and if I wouldn't have started using mind mapping about 15 years ago, my life would not have been filled with all the great stuff it is today. The thing is that I have more time to do things I want to do, since the rest is organized in a very effective way. My project takes about one tenth of the time it usually takes to completion, if even that, since I have the entire structure ready for development and manifestation after making a mind map. Things I need to learn, I learn in 70-90 percent of the time, AND I remember the information afterwards. And over all, I am more relaxed, confident and focused, because I don't have to worry about not getting the picture. And all of this, just by using some simple secrets of mind mapping. Well, I can tell you it is definitely for me, because I can clearly see the change in my life, just by knowing these essential techniques of mind mapping! I've had 100% success-rate! (and passed some seriously difficult tests) Let me tell you two actual stories from my own life: # 1) The first one was when I was studying for a Graphic Engineering Degree at the University in my hometown in Sweden. As a young adult/old teenager, I had naturally spent way more time partying and chasing girls, instead of spending my precious time on studies. The result was obviously that I was terribly unprepared for the mid-term exam that was coming up. Subsequently, I panicked about three days before the exam; I realized that didn't know anything at all! So I sat down with the "bible" - the 500+ pages reference book that the exam was all about. That day, I plowed through the entire book and made a mind map out of every single chapter. The next day I had put the book back on the shelf, and instead spent the entire day memorizing each mind map visually. The third day, I did the test and I passed it! - And even better: several years later, I could still remember the information in the mind maps. That is more than could be said about my class mates (who only learned for the exam). # 2) The second story is from when I studied to become an Air Traffic Controller (ATC), a job that can be very demanding and stressful. The education itself is also quite challenging, as there is a lot of rules and regulations that you need to learn, variations of these and how everything works so that you can give the best and safest service to the pilots and people flying. The exams are every 1-3 months, and the deal is that you must achieve 85% or more to pass. If you fail, you have one re-try, and then you are out from the course entirely. And I was on the verge of screwing up that education, big time. See, I couldn't get my head around the difficult and complex laws that I needed to learn. The bureaucratically written regulations simply wouldn't stick in my head. So I was constantly failing the exams, and barely managing to get back on the re-try, until I started to use both mind mapping and the method "Picture This", which I have included as a bonus book. By performing these techniques, I finally started to pass the exams on the first try with 95%-100% correct answers, which is just astounding! - And what's more important: With this method, I could recall all of the information instantly and simultaneously! Not just remembering one thing at a time from a long list, but everything at once! You can achieve the same kind of results with this system! And honestly, if I can do it, so can you. If I can benefit from all the great stuff in mind mapping, so can you. Look, I'm not smarter than anyone else. I don't have a million IQ. But mind mapping has allowed me to , and to It has helped me to in both , as well as with my . It makes me , as well as . - And it has improved the quality of my life, and enhanced my mental abilities! And it will do the same for you! You have to know what you are doing! Some people argue that mind mapping isn't that useful. Obviously, I beg to differ. And I believe that one of the major reasons to why some people are hesitant towards mind mapping, is simply because they don't know how to use it properly. See, mind mapping is not just a bunch of pointless scribbles on a paper. There is a highly organized system behind it, and when you know that system, you will be able to improve almost everything in life through it. The key is that mind mapping works directly together with your subconscious. Your subconscious uses certain hard-wired processes and senses, and mind mapping works directly together with the two most prominent processes; the visual sense and the spatial sense, and that is why it is such a powerful tool to use! The same goes for mind mapping programs and software. Lately it's been really popular with all the different mind mapping software that are out on the market today. And these software are often very useful and well developed, but quite often they are not being used properly! - Well, see it this way: Would you play in a symphonic orchestra, without having any previous knowledge of either music or the instrument you are playing? Probably not. Seriously, a mind mapping software won't work for you, if you don't know the fundamental concepts of mind mapping . Heck, even a pen and paper won't work, unless you know the core concepts in mind mapping. You need to know what mind mapping is about, how to use the techniques properly and how to work efficiently together with your subconscious. Otherwise you are just scribbling random shapes and words on a paper, without any meaning or functionality. - That's why you need the Mind Mapping Power; to learn all that critical knowledge that will make your mind mapping skills explode into perfection! So that's what the Mind Mapping Power is all about, and what you will learn in this course. What I have done is simply to gather ALL my knowledge in ONE single book. I have taken the about mind mapping, the , the , the and the about mind mapping, and extracted the essentials to compile the Mind Mapping Power. I have also recently updated the Mind Mapping Power, and it is now more than 3 Times Bigger than the previous versions and contains three powerful bonus books (one of the bonus books is a must-have in your mind mapping arsenal, and the third bonus book will literally blow your mind!). And since the new update of the book, all the new chapters are crammed with even more important knowledge and gives you even more "advanced" techniques than before! The different versions you can get: Only $49! Click here to get access now! Get it through CreateSpace today! Only $97! Click here to get access to the Mind Mapping Power Pack! Alright, so shall we have a look at what's inside the "Mind Mapping Power"? This chapter describes a mind map you can use when you need to make an important decision, but don't really know which of your alternatives is the best. This special technique shows itself valuable both in simple, every-day situations, as when throwing a party for your friends, as well as in an important crossroad in your life, such as when you need to choose between different careers -A choice that could change your entire life. And the thing is that; sure, you might use all your conventional methods to come up with your decision, but in the end of the day; Will it be the right one? With this mind mapping technique, you will have such an advantage because you will be able to SEE IMMEDIATELY which decision is the right one! This chapter which contains the secret of using Symbols in your mind map. I won't reveal too much here (because I don't want to spoil it for you) but I can just say that this special mind mapping technique is so extremely powerful that it surprised even me when I discovered it! Imagine a mind mapping technique that it revolutionizes your entire way of making mind maps. Imagine a technique that makes you remember the information a hundred times better than you usually do when you make mind maps, and imagine to have a system that gives the mind map an immediate structure and an instant, detailed overview for you, even in the most complex project. You will learn how to create an unlimited number of mind maps, suitable for your every situation. In other words, you don't have to stick to old and non-working templates, but instead you have the total freedom to choose your own style, and thereby overcoming every limitation. This technique is the only one I use today when I'm making mind maps, and what baffles me is that it is so simple but yet so extremely useful! It is a big surprise that no one have shown this to me before. This technique is what you ALWAYS should have in mind when you make EVERY mind map! - It is simply a tool you must have in your mind mapping arsenal! You will probably notice that some of the “Updated Chapters” are also chapters from the free book “The Power of Mind Mapping”. - Don't worry, you will get the real deal! What I realized when I started making these updates, was that the chapters from the free book was actually pretty good, but only for beginners. To become a true Mind Mapping Master, you must know the advanced techniques in all areas of the beginners-book. So what I decided to do, was simply to take all the chapters from the free book, and convert them into real hardcore chapters, packed with the information you need to know, all the tips and tricks I didn't reveal in the free book and with the intention of making your skills explode into perfection, right here, right now! - I bet it sounds exciting, and no wonder! These chapters will take you to the "Masters" level! Brainstorming is just a fancy word if you don't know how to use it properly, but after you learn the contents of this chapter, you will have the knowledge of how to install a super-creative mindset and let your mind explode with ideas! You will learn about the “Instant and Unlimited Associations”, “Rapid Fire” and the "In-topic/Off-Topic -associations”. This knowledge is extremely good for outlining ideas and the entire chapter is leading you towards understanding about how to trigger your own creativity and open up for the “true storm of the mind”! The next updated chapter is about the “Flow” -technique, and in this chapter you will explore the secrets of a perfect step-by-step plan. - See, that is one of the biggest problems in any project: You forget different stuff on the way, and you have to go back and correct your mistakes all the time. Recognize the situation? You have your half-hearted project plan, and as you proceed towards your goal, it seems like the problems keep piling up on you. You get tons of more to do to fix your project, and it seems like the only thing you do is to make corrections to previous mistakes. This procedure consumes extreme amounts of energy, effort and time - making your inspiration for the project diminish with all the extra workload. - Usually you just get so sick and tired of it, and you dump the entire project, or leave it unfinished. And you know what? One of the biggest reasons is that you wasn't properly prepared and knew all the things that your project involved. With these techniques in your arsenal, you can count on cutting your workload in half and learn how to be highly efficient. You can easily achieve different goals and projects in less than one tenth of the time, when you apply these techniques correctly. - Imagine yourself how beneficial this would be in your situation! Imagine getting it right at the first time, to finish your project days or weeks before your colleagues or class-mates and to be able to spend your time and energy on more important and fulfilling tasks! You will here learn the techniques of a highly effective flow in any project, cutting your time and effort in half and giving you an edge over your competitors. Besides, you will immediately see all the critical parts of your project that you would otherwise miss out on, making your course towards your goal pure cruising! This technique didn't take a lot of place in The Power of Mind Mapping, but it still ranked as one of the more important chapters. That's why this is now heavily updated in The Mind Mapping Power Pack and gives you the answer to why this is the Ultimate Mind Mapping Technique! I don't want to spoil all the excitement, but let me just reveal here that you will learn to identify yourself and your own thinking to your mind map, and to make a mind map instantly as an exact representation of your own thoughts. This mind mapping technique is the one you use, when making mind maps comes so natural that you could do it in your sleep. The Big Picture is the Master's mind map, and you will be able to use this technique to make your life pleasantly organized in any area! Putting pictures in your mind map can be extremely beneficial for you, and you can improve the workflow dramatically. It's also great for situations where you need to describe different things, such as new products, people in a group and inventory. The key is obviously to know how to use it the best way, and that's exactly what this chapter tells you! "Info-Boxes and To Give A Presentation Using Mind Maps!" The next chapter is a pretty funny story for me as a writer. I started off describing something really important in mind mapping that I call "Information-Boxes". However, when I wrote this chapter, I realized the importance of using this tool when you are giving a presentation to a listening, critical crowd. By using the mind mapping when giving a presentation, you are almost guaranteed to make a really good presentation, every time. No more long and boring presentations that makes your audience fall asleep, and no more loosing the thread. With this special feature, you are way ahead of your competitors, and during the entire presentation you will be able to see the entire contents of your presentation, as well as the details of topic you are talking about - at the same time. You'll get the perfect tool to give an interesting presentation, to always keep your thread and to say all the important stuff at the right time, and to get an audience that want to listen to you! So that's truly something you will benefit from in that chapter. The original information about "information-boxes" is obviously there as well, and gives you a perfect tool in situations where you need to write something more detailed than a bunch of headlines "How to Highlight A Headline and To Work With Layers" This is one of the central techniques in mind mapping and remarkably enough, one of the techniques that most mind mappers don't know how to use. See, just highlighting your mind map in different ways won't make it anything more than a colorful piece of paper with a lot of geometrical figures on it. The trick is to use highlighting as a way of working with layers, and that's exactly what we will explore in this chapter. When you learn this method, you will finally understand the idea behind why mind maps usually look the way they do, and how you can optimize your own mind maps! Now, the thing is that you probably think that there is nothing more to know about different lines and how to use these properly. - Luckily, I can tell you that there is! Lines holds tons and yet tons of information, but you need to know what to look for and how to use them to get most out of them. In this chapter I reveal the secret of working with lines as a “guide for your mind” and how the lines interact with your unconscious! Learn the specific technique of using Lines in an effective manner, so that your friends, co-workers and virtually anybody, can follow your chain of thoughts easily, just by glancing at your mind map. From here on, you will only create easy, structured and beautiful mind maps, no matter the complexity! Sounds tempting? I'm sure it does! This chapter is a goldmine! Bullet-lists is a great technique to use when improving and expanding your mind map. In this chapter we explore different ways of performing this technique efficiently and you will learn how to compress important information into Bullet-list inside of the mind map. I'm sure that you will get heaps of inspiration after you read this chapter! Let me ask you a question: Are you tired of static and boring outlines, presentations and notes? Even the ones you do yourself? Well, in the next chapter you will definitely get rid of that problem once and for all, since you will learn the techniques of coloring your mind map efficiently! Colors can enhance your mind map into extreme measures, and here you will learn to make your mind map interactive and to help your mind “shift focus”, something extremely valuable when you have a lot of information to sort through. Just imagine to change your mind map as you go along with your project, having the updated information with you at all times and fully accessible You will also learn to use colors as a way of creating “Layers” in your mind map, and of course, even though this technique is explained in another chapter, we go through it here as well but from another viewpoint! By knowing the tricks with colors, you can easily speed up any project and keep track of several tasks at the same time! Have you ever restrained yourself from making a mind map, just because you didn't know where to begin or how it should look like? - I know I have, because this was one of the biggest difficulties I had at the start: To be able to create mind maps with an effective layout. Usually the mind map became blurry and chaotic, and it was difficult to get the hang of it. In this chapter, we'll talk though the most important things to think about when deciding the layout, and what you should have in mind when you put your pencil to the paper. This technique is extremely simple and surprisingly effective in almost any mind map you will create. With this technique in your arsenal, you can change a crazy, chaotic mind map into something that your colleagues can immediately understand. - A superb tool when showing mind maps to people who have never seen a mind map in their lives. This is one of the most important pieces of information you will EVER read... Seriously, this chapter, “Associations”, is a must-have if you want to know not only the real secrets to mind mapping and how to apply it into every area of your life, but also the secrets to how your own mind works. When you understand the essence of this chapter, you will have an extreme advantage in any area, since you are now able to benefit from your own unconscious and use your mind to it's fullest potential. In The Power of Mind Mapping, we explored the surface of this area, but here, in the Mind Mapping Power Pack, we get right into the core of Associations and how they work for your benefit. Imagine having an entire library at your fingertips, or remembering almost anything in an instant! Imagine being able to improve in every area of your life, and reaping the benefits from it! Knowing the powerful core of Associations, I can almost guarantee you that you will! These 3 chapters about problem solving are more of a discussion around different problems in mind mapping, problems that are very common and can happen to everyone - even to the best. The chapters cover not only the "technical" parts of mind mapping problems, but simple psychological problems as well. It is most often the simplest things that we don't recognize as obstacles, and these small and "insignificant" problems are most often the biggest obstacles we come across when we begin our project or schoolwork. Because of these problems we might not see the benefits of mind mapping, and by choosing another tool we put too much effort into our project, spend an unnecessarily long time completing it, or at its worst: Fail the entire project! The information in these chapters will make you aware of the common pitfalls and the most usual obstacles, and more important: It will make you realize how to overcome these situation in the best ways! The chapters are great as an additional understanding of mind mapping as an everyday the-rest-of-your-life tool. "The Abstract World of the Mind" This is the closing chapter of the Mind Mapping Power -book. Here we discuss some views of how our mind operates and how we can work together with our subconscious to achieve superb results. After you read this chapter, you will have a great attitude towards mind mapping and you will have aquired the mindset to benefit from the enormous potential of your own subconscious! And here are the bonus books that are all included in "Mind Mapping Power"! Imagine yourself to finally remove all the barriers in any project you might have, and maintain full speed through the entire project. See yourself in the situation where you wont get lost, you will always know exactly what your next move will be and you will always follow your time schedule to the hour! If that doesn't sound absolutely fantastic, I don't know what will! This book will show you the technique of getting a step-by-step plan that you can follow consistently, and basically get you on your express train towards your goals and dreams! Using this tool, achieving your goals will be a stroll in the park, since you are always one step ahead and on full-speed towards your dreams! This stand-alone technique is absolutely priceless and it helped me through some really demanding times. You will learn how to use your visual memory to the maximum and with a close to 100% success rate. This is the closest I've got to photographic memory, but the difference is that the technique of "Picture This" WORKS, and it doesn't take any time to learn or perform. You just jump straight into it and start using it immediately! And besides, you will remember much more information, much more compressed information and much more unsorted information with this splendid tool! This is a must-have and must-use in your mind optimization arsenal! The Infinite Universe of the Limitless Mind This is the latest addition to the Mind Mapping Power -course, and it is exactly what the title says; A session in Mind Mastery! In this powerful chapter, we will discuss in depth how the subconscious operates, how it absorbs and processes information, and how to work together with it to achieve astonishing results! After you've read this chapter, you will have the edge in mental optimization and you will have the tools, techniques and methods to improve your mnemonic skills and bring out the genius inside! I cannot express how excited I am about this chapter, and I sincerely hope, and believe, that its contents will have a dramatic and positive impact on how you understand and work with your own subconscious! And here's the extra material in the The biggest feature of the Mind Mapping Power Pack (CD VERSION), is the inspirational, motivational and educational mind mapping movies that you will get inside! These FOUR (4) full Mind Mapping Inspirational Movies', ranges from 4 to 8 minutes, and I'm especially proud about these since they show you exactly what happens during the creation of a standard mind map. They all demonstrate the making of complex mind maps, and they are very good inspirational sources since you will see different techniques and tools “In Action”! And they all come with a full script and an individual scan of the finished mind map, so that you can follow exactly what happens every single second in each and every movie. This is a great way to connect everything you have learned about mind mapping, all the text and all the information, and to really see what happens in the movies, and how all the different tools and techniques are used in "real life" and in "real time"! The reason to why I decided to make these movies was exactly for this purpose. Explanations are good and works pretty well, short descriptions with the very essence of the point might be even better. But to really see it in practice; how it works in REALITY, a movie is simply the best alternative! The first movie was so popular and was rewarded with heaps of great feedback from the first edition of the Mind Mapping Power Pack, and that is why I'm now able to present three additional movies for you in this updated version, just as powerful, inspirational and educational as the first movie! - And you get all four with scripts and scanned pictures and all! And then, as if all of this wasn't enough, I jammed the power pack with an extensive review of different mind mapping software on the market, full-on with the technical information and a brief review describing what the software is like, what it does and how good it really is. This additional chapter is a real goldmine for two reasons: One; you will get a great understanding of the programs on the market, which one to buy if you are interested, and a complete overview over what options you have. Two; when you read through these reviews you'll get a great understanding of what they do and don't, which in return will give you an indirect understanding of what mind mapping is all about, how it should be used for maximal efficiency and what parts about mind mapping that makes it really optimal for you! The Mind Mapping Power Pack Workbook is a compressed 7-day course that takes care of all the important tools and techniques that you need to learn. It gets you started with making your own mind maps and it is at the same time interactive (in other words: You will be guided underway!). The 7:th day of the Workbook is especially powerful, since you will find a Goal-Focusing session worthy any motivational coaching seminar. When you are through with it, you will have an exact step-by-step plan and a straight course towards the realization of the life of your dreams! - All in the -spirit! Aren't you EXCITED to become a Mind Mapping Master! In this book you will get the knowledge you need! The Mind Mapping Power is and crammed with that will make you a mind mapping master. More importantly; it's focusing on , giving you an easy-ride towards your , using cutting edge mental and mnemonic techniques! See, I want you to profit from mind mapping just as much as I have. I want you to grow and progress in every area of your life, and I want mind mapping to help you do it. I want you to benefit heavily from mind mapping; at work, at school, in your private life, in your projects, goals and dreams. And I sincerely wish that this book will do exactly that for you! I want you to imagine what you will do and achieve with the knowledge in the Power Pack.I want you to imagine the kind of future you are going to build with the knowledge in the Power Pack. And when you have those goals, dreams and the future life clear in your mind, I want you to USE the techniques and tools in the Mind Mapping Power to GET IT! - Because I want to give you the cutting edge in life quality optimization with the Mind Mapping Power! So why should you get the Mind Mapping Power? Well, my friend, to put it simple you have two options: 1) Either you choose to continue your life, with all the projects, all the tasks at work, all the exams for school, all the everyday obstacles and all the other things you encounter in life, wasting lots of unnecessary energy, wasting time and money, and enduring a longer and more difficult processes towards your success. 2) ...Or you get the Mind Mapping Power Pack, and learn how to USE mind mapping as a tool in every situation you might come across, thereby optimizing the quality of your life, in every area of your life. My goal with the Mind Mapping Power Pack was simply to summon the , the , to give of common mistakes and , and to act as a source of inspiration for you . With this book you will not only HAVE the information about mind mapping, you will be able to see how to USE mind mapping. And what mind mapping does, is that it helps you to enhance and improve the quality of your life! It could be minor things, as structuring a grocery list or the movies you want to see, and it could be something huge as planning your new house or your entire company plan, but in the end of the day: - IT WILL IMPROVE YOUR SITUATION! And that means More Time for you to spend on things you want, More Focus on things that matter, More Money in your pocket, less effort and More Cruising... well, the list is long, and you get the point. Even if it's just a minor improvement it's extremely valuable. Maybe you'll get half an hour extra on your preparations for an exam, but that's an extra hour spending with your partner. Maybe you'll get just one extra detail on your project, but that extra detail makes you cash in a couple of thousand dollars extra. Maybe you'll just make your presentation a little bit different from what you would have, but that little difference gives you a better grade, a raise on your salary, or more respect from your co-worker. It's as simple as that. Mind mapping, when used right, can and will improve your life. And that is what I want to show you with the Mind Mapping Power. Yes, I'm serious! Get the Mind Mapping Power and become a true master mind - Today! Look, the sooner you will learn the techniques and methods in the Mind Mapping Power, the sooner you will be able to use them in your everyday life and start to benefit from them! Just imagine if you could have the edge in , and , and start to progress beyond your wildest imagination - Right Now! Imagine if you could have the most powerful methods to , and become more efficient at work and get promotions and a higher salary! , passing your exams, and remember complex information in an instant - Every time! unleash the power of your subconscious , and develop your mnemonic and mental abilities to a masters' level! So seriously, get the Mind Mapping Power right now, and learn how to benefit from it in every area of your life! - So check it out for yourself... See the amazing results you will get with the Mind Mapping Power, pushing your mind mapping skills into new heights - And your projects, studies, career, and personal life with them. Imagine the insight you will get in the different areas of mind mapping as well as all the inspiration you will get, making you and with your different projects. The knowledge you will gain from the Mind Mapping Power will change your life to the better, and help you reach a great quality of life. With the information in this book, you will soon see how you can achieve your goals and dreams faster and better , with less effort and time, and more efficiency, more speed, better results and with superiority – Just by knowing some fundamental "secrets" about mind mapping and your own mind! I truly wish that your skills will advance remarkably, and that you will be able to benefit from this useful information. Your entire life could change to the better, become more structured and more optimized, when you know HOW TO use mind mapping, and when you START USING mind mapping. And the MIND MAPPING POWER will assist you to unleash the power of your subconscious and make you become a master mind, RIGHT NOW! Best of success, a life of your dreams! Yours sincerely PS: If you are serious about unleashing your inner creativity, developing your mental abilities, and becoming a Master Mind, then you should get the Mind Mapping Power today. If you procrastinate and postpone, you will miss out on the fantastic power and rewards that mind mapping will give you. So get the Mind Mapping Power course today! PPS: If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. The production and shipping for the printed book is by CreateSpace, an Amazon sister company, whereas the Flip Page e-book is online with immediate access after purchase. The secure transaction process you now will go through is conducted through Paydotcom together with PayPal. Only $49! Click here to get access now! Get it through CreateSpace today! Only $97! Click here to get access to the Mind Mapping Power Pack!
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by backyardliberty RSS Feeds
Forget gold and silver. In the coming crisis, they're going to be worth nothing... compared to this item. It's something you can use to mak...
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DVD Player Repair Guide

DVD Player Repair Guide

by Humphrey Kimathi Mndaka RSS Feeds
DVD Player repair guide EBook covers the main DVD blocks which include the power supply board, the loader and its associated components and the mai...
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Medical Billing Home Business Bible

Medical Billing Home Business Bible

by Paul Hackett RSS Feeds
The most truthful 20 step guide on starting a work from home medical billing career and home based medical billing business. The Medical Billing Ho...
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Audio "ZPoint para personas que "Dejan Todo para Despuand#195;s""

by Sergio Lizarraga RSS Feeds
Audio con el proceso ZPoint dirigido a personas que dejan todo para después. Usa este audio para eliminar la procrastinaciÃ&sup...
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9.Kill Any Exam With Power Of Time

by Mohamed Nadjib Abed RSS Feeds
A must-have for anyone who has exams in their future! This remarkable eBook covers a topic which hasnâ??t been properly addressed in decades ...
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Exhaust gas turbocharger HPR3000 KBB and#226;?? Manual

by Marine Turbocharger RSS Feeds
Maintenance Manual Turbocharger KBB HPR3000, disassemble and assemble complete turbocharger, spare parts list, bearing check, and much more information.
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Go Green - Save Green

Go Green - Save Green

by Ken swift RSS Feeds
"125 Ways To Go Green ... Save Green at the Same Time!" puts money in YOUR pocket and helps to protect the environment too. This book sav...
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Forum Marketing Influence

by Rupom RSS Feeds
This Book Will Show You Exactly What You Need To Do To Finally Be a Success In Forum Marketing The First Time Correctly.
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Retina X Studio

by David Aroko Otieno RSS Feeds
Make Him BEG For Your Attention: 75 Communication Secrets For Captivating Men To Get The Love And Commitment You Deserve. Chances are, you...
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Marketing Secrets For Therapists

Marketing Secrets For Therapists

by Jason Storm RSS Feeds
Unique eBook teaches Therapists, Counsellors, Coaches and Healers how to get more clients and quickly build their practice.Inside You Will Discover...
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How to Maximize Your EBook Profits

by Clare RSS Feeds
Have you ever wondered why some eBooks sell so well online and some don’t? Well this eBook blows the lid off of the secret world o...
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Guide to Owning Your Own Business Audio

by Charles Carter RSS Feeds
Learn The Truth About Owning Your Own Business So You To Can Earn Money Working At Home Working at home is an absolutely outstanding way to escape...
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Autographed So, What Did You Dream Last Night? Includes Upgr...

Autographed So, What Did You Dream Last Night? Includes Upgr...

by Mike Loewenberg RSS Feeds
An illustrated journey into the mysterious dreaming mind: -80 actual dreams -70+ fun illustrations -covers everything from nightmares to sex dreams...
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Copywriting Cash Secrets

Copywriting Cash Secrets

by Tan Seang Choon RSS Feeds
How to turn your words into piles of cash - Copywriting Cash Secrets.Copywriting Cash Secrets Will Give You the Tools You Need:Create groundbreakin...
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Affiliate Millions

by N Vegas Group RSS Feeds
How to start the best computer home based free business with little or zero capital to make extra money online is our topic to day. The combination...
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Auto Tweet / Facebook Generator

by N Vegas Group RSS Feeds
Tweet And Post When You're Away From Your Computer Has Never Been Easier...How to Create an Auto-Update On Twitter FaceBook Accounts. "Spe...
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How to Gain Superior Health ebook

How to Gain Superior Health ebook

by Michael-Paul Patterson RSS Feeds
A diet system given by enlightened masters designed to follow the laws of nature.With this health and diet program you will...Completely rid your b...
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Power Supply Repair Guide

Power Supply Repair Guide

by Jestine Yong RSS Feeds
How To Troubleshoot And Repair Switch Mode Power Supplies Like A ProfessionalHere Is What You Get From The Switch Mode Power Supplies Repair Guide:...
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Astral Projection Mastery by Robert Bruce

Astral Projection Mastery by Robert Bruce

by Timothy Donaghue RSS Feeds
"This program is power-packed with the latest and greatest astral projection techniques, strategies and theories, GUARANTEED to make you get o...
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Laptop Repair MadeEasy Video tutorial

by Jordan Tirado RSS Feeds
Laptop Repair MadeEasy Video tutorial
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