Publisher's Description

FX Volume Aggregator Forex Trading System

FX Volume Aggregator Forex Trading System Publisher's Description

Forex Volume Aggregator is a special piece of software which allows traders having access to forex volume data. Moreover it makes volume analysis a very easy job because the software is very easy to apply. It provides volume analysis information in a form of buy and sell signals. The trader can also know the risk to kreward for every trade beforehand. The method allows traders to see the potential of every signal even before they place the trade. In other words, traders can choose only best signals and stay on the safe and profitable side all the time.

Forex Volume Aggregator Software - Best forex system and best forex indicator

Watch the video below to learn more I would like to introduce to you an absolutely unique service. The information on this page will help you learn about a very unique way of making money with the Fx Volume Aggregator, software which aggregates volume data out of brokerage companies. I will do my best to explain to you the principles I based my software on and tell you about advantages you will have with my software in your trading arsenal. You will get all the information you need about my software and if you have any questions, you know what you need to do. Simply contact me and I will answer all your questions. Making Money Out of Trading Bacame an Easy Job! A lot of traders have a high interest in volume analysis. But as you probably already know from my previous training material - volume is something which is derived from the standard volume indicator which is presented in any MT4 platform. But the volume which it calculates is actually not real volume, though it is called like that. During my trading career I managed to create volume based tools which did not use that standard indicator in their calculation procedures. In fact I used my own formulas and my own understanding of the volume. But even those tools did not work with real volume. Yes, many trades who ever learned about volume analyis can say there is no volume in Forex or there is volume but we can not simply caclulate it. We can not say how much volume we have in the market in this or that moment. Yes, that was true before, because traders could not see real volume of transactions in the market being traded at a particular moment. But this statement is not valid anymore because the Fx Volume Aggregator software is born now. Till this moment it was impossible to calculate real volume. Believe it or not, now you can do this! And what does this ability give you? My answer is simple. It gives you a lot! Now you can see critical volume bursts which indicate the change of price direction. What else do you need?! The only thing you need additionally is to know how to enter the market at the most appropriate time with a tight stop loss to avoid any drawdowns and be able to gain some decent pips. And I now teach how to do this. I not only provide the access to the new software but I also provide very easy to use training material. What is the Fx Volume Aggregator? The Fx Volume Aggregator is a special software which runs on a dedicated server. It actually aggregates the data from various brokerage companies. I plan to add more brokers in the future into the software to make the software even more accurate. The more brokers it uses, the better signals it will generate because it will have more data to work with. So your signals will become even better with time. Moreover you do not need to change any settings, because there are none. I tried to make the client's version as simple as possible so you could concentrate on your trading wihout any need to change any parameters. My software absolutely legally connects to brokers and derives the volume data. It actually detects where big volume starts coming into the market. It also detects if it is buying volume or selling volume. Moreover it not just detects volume bursts but also it confirms the signals before any alert is provided. No one ever even tried to do this before. But I've finally managed to accomplish that task. This little baby will change the way how people trade. And you will be the first who start profiting with this unique tool. You can now even trade during the news releases without any fear. My software will put you on the right side even during high impact news. The Fx Volume Aggregator can easily detect the change in volume before the news happen. I bet you had situations when the price moved in an opposite to the news outcome's direction. Now you will be on the right side. You will be trading along with the market makers, with big Forex guys. Moreover I designed a special method on how to work with the Fx Volume Aggregator. It is very easy. I will provide you detailed trading guide with screenshots explaining each and every step of using the software. Every user of my service receives a special client application which works like a usual indicator in your MetaTrader 4 platform but with one peculiarity. The indicator connects to my server and uploads the signals to your chart in a form of green and red rhombuses which are actual signals based on the analysis of the volume the software works with. Then all you need is to trade the signals according to my special method which I am going to share with you. That is how easy it is! So How Actually Does the Fx Aggregator Work? I am not going to hide any information about the algorithm. I do not want to make my software to be a kind of black box for you. Instead I am going to reveral all the information about the principles I used when designing my software. I will tell you everything you need to know and reveal the secrets behind my software which will help you understand how I actually made the whole thing to work. The software consists of two modules. The main module is installed on my dedicated server. Second module is actually a client's version which should be installed to the client's trading MT4. When a trader launches the software, it automatically connects to my dedicated server and derives the volume data which transforms into signals on your end in your MT4. Why do I use a server for this purpose? Why I simply could not provide the full software to clients? The answer is complex and I will provide you all the information you need to eliminate all your doubts or questions. 1. The aggregator's algorithm works 24/7 on a secured dedicated server. Not all people would like the idea of using a VPS or running their home PC all the time. And here is why I solved that problem by using a dedicated server. The algorithm does its job on the server while the clients receive the data via a special client's application. This way my clients can work with the tool like with an ordinary indicator without any need for a VPS. So you can easily use the Fx Volume Aggregator on any PC or laptop without any need to run it 24/7. 2. The software consumes a lot of resources from a PC. Not all people have fast machines enough to run such a software. So here is why using my dedicated server automatically eliminates any problems of that kind in regards to the end users. As the result, traders can use the software even on the slowest machines without freezes of any kind. 3. I add new brokerage companies to my aggregator which are used to derive volume data from. I plan to add more companies in the future. This is not an easy task, so most end users simply can not do such things and thus I do all these things for you. All you need is to run the tool in your MT4 and enjoy the signals. That's it. 4. The software not only derives the data from brokers, but also it does market analysis using the volume information it receives. This is possible only when used 24/7 with no interruptions. 5. Traders do not need to download any updates. Users always have access to the latest version of the software because I update it on my server. All you need is the access to the data it provides and you will have that access via your client's application. How Does the Fx Volume Aggregator Generate Signals? Well, read the information below very attentively because I am going to reveal my secrets to you and tell you how the software does its magic. There are brokers which provide data on current open positions their traders have at the moment. Moreover some even show the overall volume their traders have in the market. So what my software does is derives such data from brokers and processes it on the server. As the result, it provides an objective picture what's happening in the market at a particular moment. Yes, there are a lot of brokers and we simply can not use them all because not all of them provide such data. But we do not need to use all the brokers. Yes, the software requires a bunch of companies to work with but it does not need all the brokers. There is an obvious reason for this. What is it? It is simple. It is called as psychological sentiment. W.D. Gann told many years ago that any market is a live entity and is represented by the crowd or people involved in the market trading. All people are affected by natural laws. And when we talk about people, here I mean psychologial laws. It is like dealing with statistics. I mean we can take a group of people and statistically calculate their preferences in this or that area. Same thing relates to Forex. Though, yes, we need to get access to as many traders as possible. But as I said we do not need them all. We just need many enough and see what they are trading and what volume is involved in trading. Maybe you know it already or not but not all brokers do really provide access to the market. Many companies simply provide a platform and datafeed without real access to the market. In this case all the traders' orders stay within that company only. But even in this case we can still use such info in our favour. In fact it is not important for us if these trades which brokers show go to real market or stay within the brokearage company. Because all we need is to know what people are trading and the volume involved which is being traded. And now I want to tell you the funniest truth about how we deal with the information received. The software do not follow what the majority of traders do. The software does the opposite thing. It trades against this majority of traders. Why against? The answer is stupidly simple. Because 90% of them will lose! Yes, statistically only 10% of traders make profits out of trading and only 5% make a good living using Forex. Market makers always trade against the crowd. And I am sure you noticed this thing many times before. When a lot of people believed, as example, EURUSD should go UP, as a result, it went down. And this relates to any other trading instrument. So we do not want to trade with this crowd, instead we want to trade with the market makers, big Forex guys who trade against the crowd and this is actually how they make their huge profits. In our case we do not have access to the volume of these big Forex guys. We can not see the volume they form because no one will allow me or anyone else to get access to the volume of the big guys. So how then can we derive the volume? The solution is very simple indeed. The thing is we even do not need to see the volume of market makers to know what direction they will choose for trading this or that time. Taking into consideration these big guys trade against retail traders, all we need is the access to the volume of these retail traders and thankfully some brokers provide such data. This is actually the trick. We do not need access to the so called market makers' volume because we can achieve our goal by accessing the retail traders' volume. The result will be the same as if we had an access to what big guys are trading. We derive the volume data out of the pool which retail traders build. Then we reverse the data as we are going to trade against the retail traders. And as the final step we need to combine the data with market analysis to have as accurate signals as possible. So the software processes all the data it aggregates and then sends it to a what I call calculation segment. Now things become more complex here. When the data comes to the calculation segment of the software, it is processed with the application of some sound forex mathematical models. Here the software actually combines the data with the knowledge of Forex market which I put into the code. So the software actually knows what the trend is, it knows some important patterns, candlestick analysis and some other things which traders use in their trading. When we combine the data with the technical analysis, as a result we can get very accurate signals. This is a truly hard work and I've done it. And I do not want to stop working on improvements of the software. I plan to make it even better with time by adding new brokerage companies to analysis and improving the algorithm. All my clients are qualified for free updates forever. The best thing here, you will never need to download most of the updates. They are automated for you. Whenever a new update is released, you gets it automatically. The only situation when you may probably be asked to download a new update is in case I provide an update for your client's module. And even in this case you will receive a special message right to your MT4 and you will see a message on the chart that you need to download your new update. So this way you will never miss any update. I tried to do my best to make the use of the software as convinent as possible for my clients. Would You Like to See the Signals? Now please look at the screenshots I prepared for you. These are the signals you will have if you start trading using my Fx Volume Aggregator software. These are real signals. All signals NEVER repaint. I guarantee all signals are real and are not cherry picked! First of all, please, have a look at the recent signals the Fx Volume Aggregator provided for the EURUSD pair. These signals actually cover two recent months starting with July 2017 up to recent date. Now please have a look at the most recent USDJPY charts. Here is the USDCHF most recent chart. Here is a couple of USDCAD charts. Now have a look at several XAUUSD screenshots with most recent signals as well. And this is a EURBUND chart down below.     Here is UK100's most recent signals.   Now please look at two AUDJPY most recent screenshots.   Now look at several NZDCAD screenshots covering one month of signals.             What about Silver? Well, here is a couple of most recent signals down below.   So as you can see the software can be used actually to trade any instrument you want. Yes, there are instruments which provide better signals and I will tell you how to choose such instruments. These are actually the instruments which have the most volume data. The more data we have, the better signals we will have. So here is why some trading instruments may have better signals than the others. But as I said I am going to teach you how to choose right instruments for trading. But technically it is possible to trade just anything with this software because the software has the data for almost any possible trading instrument presented in the MT4 platform. I said "almost" because there is a chance some broker may provide a very exotic instrument which the software will not have data for. But these are very rare cases and I believe you will never come across such a situation. But to make things easier for you I will teach you an easy to use method on how to choose the best instruments for trading and actually how trade ones the best way possible. Please take a look at the screenshots below. These are recent trading results I have got in my trading account. This is actually what you can achieve with my signals software. This is the real trading power you can have in your possession. I made $23992 in one month of June 2017 alone! Now look at the results I got in July 2017 Just see the power of my method! It works consistently great all the time! I've already made $11746 in July 2017 and the profit is still coming in. See that floating profit in GBPCHF? So I believe I am closing this month with even more profit. I have similar or even better results on monthly basis consistently. Here is an updated statement. As you can see that floating GBPCHF trade brought me very nice profit of 134 pips. My total profit in July was $14668. Not too bad for one month of trading, right? My trading results so far for August 2017 Here is an updated statement for this month, August 2017. As you will see, I've already made $13266 which equals to 1326 pips. These are recent trades for August 2017 As you can see I've made almost three thousand pips in just one month which equals to almost 30K of profit! Yes, trading was great in August. Just imagine what you can achieve with my assistance. The sky is the limit! By the way, if you want to see current results, please, contact me and I will send the statement to you with the results up to current date. The beauty of my software is in the ability to work consistently good. It works because it is based on real market principles and years of trading experience. I do my best to give my clients the best trading indicator and knowledge that really work. Remember, you can trade successfully like I do or even better. Among my clients there are also people who never heard about forex trading before they found my website. But they now trade and trade successfully. No matter what your level of experience is, you can be successful in trading. All you need is a proven method and tool combined with your true desire to become a truly successful trader! Would you like to have trading results like these? YOU CAN DO IT! I am trading a little bit aggressively because I am confident in my software and trading system. But even conservative traders can easily double their accounts within a year with just a couple of percent of risk involved. Those who becomes confident in my software, usually increase the risk and manage to double their accounts several times during the trading year. Among my clients there are fund managers who use my method to manage other people's money safely and profitably. But you do not need to be a professional trader to be successful in Forex. No matter what your trading experience is now, you can make good profit each and every month! All you need is give it a chance. My trading method can help you achieve your financial goals whatever they are. Top 10 Advantages of Using the Forex Volume Aggregator 1. No need to learn anything about volume analysis. 2. Even total newbies can profit using my method. 5. The signals are very easy to use in trading. 6. There are NO Parameters to adjust. 7. The Fx Volume Aggregator provides all types of notifications. 8. The software has no time or account restrictions. I have shown to you the tool which can take your trading to a higher new level and give you a great edge in trading. Are you ready to take yourself to this higher level of trading? If yes, you definitely need the Fx Volume Aggregator. You should not stay at the same level where you were yesterday. You need to move forward! Always remember what advantages you have with my software. These advantages outperform any other volume indicator out there. Using my software is really like having a constant access to insiders trading information. Of course, my unique software costs money and it simply can not be free. I am not going to talk much on this topic and I will simply tell you the price right away. In order to obtain a license to use my service you need to pay a one time fee of $497. This is a one-time payment only. You will have all the features including the ability to work with as many trading instruments you like with no restrictions. You will also receive a detailed trading guide which will help you get on track right away. If you purchase my software, of course, you're guaranteed to get ongoing unlimited support and free updates. What are the updates? I plan to extend the set of features the software provides. I also plan to add more brokerage companies to the aggregator's server to make the software even more accurate. As I said already, all updates are automated for you and come with a notification right to your MT4, so you will never miss any update. You will always have the most recent version of the software. Plus, as your another advantage, I can even remotely install my software on your PC and setup your charts. You will also receive a trading guide with my secret method explained by detaild trading instructions and screenshots showing how to trade with the tool. In my turn I promise, you will significantly improve your trading skills and your trading results if you start using my signals software in your personal trading. I truly believe my knowledge and experience will be a great help to you and both will help you become a better trader. This is my goal. I want you to become a better trader in comparison to what you’re now. I want you to be successful and I will do my best to help you achieve your financial goals whatever they are. I sincerely wish to see you among the owners of the Fx Volume Aggregator software, a privileged group of happy traders who possess the power to predict the next market’s move. For your convenince, I accept payments via credit or debit cards. Alternatively you can also pay using Paypal, Neteller or Bitcoin. Simply let me know in case you would like to use one of the alternative payment options. It seems it's been a pretty long sales page, right? Though I truly wanted to make it as short as possible. Well, I hope to see you on the inside. Thank You for your time and your true interest in my services! Now the choice is yours... HURRY UP TO GET UNLIMITED ACCESS FOR $497 ONLY If you have any questions please feel free to contact me
Publisher Oleg Rodin
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