Publisher's Description

Football Bankbuilder

Football Bankbuilder Publisher's Description

How to lay football matches to get the returns you should.

Football Bankbuilder Laying System For Use With Betfair.

99% of punters achieve only a holein their pockets! Are you one of them? "How would like to turn into in12-months and into anamazing injust 36-months?" Dear Patient Punter,Before I go on to reveal this GENUINE and BRAND NEW project for laying football bets, which shows you how to make LAYING PAY THE WAY YOU'VE ALWAYS BELIEVED IT SHOULD BUT FOUND NEVER QUITE DID, there are TWO very important things you need to understand.The first is that all the online junk marketing which says you can make money from gambling without effort and without needing to know what you're doing is, well... lies!I'll get to the second thing in just a moment but before I do, let me ask you... which builds quietly away in the background while you go about your everyday activities? A lump sum, moreover, built by following a simple procedure which works whether or not you presently believe it? I mean, the answers are pretty obvious! But stay with me on this because I've good reason for asking.For the moment, just imagine it... taking only a handful of minutes a day to follow a few pleasant and simple steps, and then leaving things to get on making money for you - just like early-bird user Mike Golden... "I am now at the end of my 6 months trial and I am well on my way to compounding up to a nice few thousand from my £400 starting pot. I like the fact it just keeps on building away in the background without much maintenance from myself. Most pleased!"Mike Golden YOU can do exactly the same as Mike using my Football Bankbuilder© laying project - but there's a catch...You first have to engage in just a little bit of effort because... and here's that second other important thing... Football Bankbuilder© comes with an entirely DIFFERENT set of rules and procedures which you need to learn and use .Simple they may be, but you need to become familiar with them and to apply them correctly. Don't worry though... everything you need to knowis practical, down-to-earth, and easy toput into profit-making action. So forget EVERYTHING you've ever been led to believe about laying.This is DIFFFERENT!This WORKS - yes, really - and it's worthy of your best attention .How long does it take to get to grips with Football Bankbuilder©? That depends a lot on the sort of person you are. Some could suss it in a few minutes. Others, perhaps, an hour-or-two.The point being, those who don't bother to LEARN how to do it right don't get it done at ALL.But look, this is hardly rocket science and doing it RIGHT is worth every minute you spend on it.Like to know how to make this unique little procedure work for you?Read on and I'll tell you but before I do it's important you understand this... I'm no 'betting genius'. I don't have a 'miracle system' which guarantees you win 100% of the time. After all, we're talking here about human beings running around muddy football pitches. NO procedure could be so good as to accurately predict the outcome of EVERY game, no more than the players themselves could.But after more years than I care to remember making a living from gambling I know how to turn sports betting into a profitable investment for you.There's something really important here... the more gambling successes I've had the more I've realised much of the conventional wisdom about making money from gambling is wrong. Dangerously wrong!Nothing more than claptrap put about by good writers with lousy bank balances.I mean... why on earth would you want to learn about how to make money from gambling, from someone who doesn't do it successfully for himself? Does that make any sense to you? Me neither. The big difference between the new approach taken by my Football Bankbuilder© laying project and certain other laying systems you may have come across is that it's been created and developed by someone who actually knows what he's doing - someone who "walks the talk." So-much-so that even skimming just 10% profit a month - a mere TWO points a MONTH - and rolling over the profits,you'd turn £1,000 into £30,912.68 in only 36 months. Note particularly there are no ridiculous claims here of transforming you into a millionaire. What you have instead is a refreshingly rational procedure, working within common-sense parameters, which is capable of delivering a solid profit performance. It's the difference between light and shade, reality and fantasy.Such is the simplicity of Football Bankbuilder©, even if you make a few mistakes and miss the odd day here and there you could still finish well ahead .Too good to be true?Well, that's what some may say but they're talking more claptrap.Don't be misled. I'm offering you a football laying system which is easy to use and which can drip-feed sensible cash profits into your pocket, week after week. Real cash you can go out and exchange for the things you want. When developing a betting project it's only common-sense, I think you'll agree, to start with the intent to keep the risk of loss at an acceptable level.You don't need me to tell you that the path to finding the ideal procedure for making profits from football betting isn't an easy one, but the simple fact is this - if you can consistently identify situations where certain criteria exist which are proven to indicate the likely outcome of an event, you will statistically end-up with a betting account which is firmly IN PROFIT.I'm not suggesting all selections generated by Football Bankbuilder© are winners. I certainly wouldn't expect you to believe me if I did.It's only in the overall performance of all bets calculated by the procedure and in laying at sensible odds that you can begin to see your money grow handsomely.So when I set-out to create a successful football laying project it wasn't just a question of needing it to pin-down a successful bet as often as possible. The way forward is also rooted in the staking plan and in making sure you lay at odds which are significantly in your favour.Make no mistake, it's the odds which give you your "margin of safety" and the staking plan which gives you your profit. And it's when the combination of both are allied to Football Bankbuilder© that your money has its best chance to grow exponentially.So, my focus was to devise a project whose performance: Keeps your betting confidence high, helping you through theslow periods and carrying you forward into long-term profit. Limits losing runs so providing the option to adopt a more aggressive yet sensible staking plan without putting your financial neck on the block, whilst at the same time also delivering a profit at level-stakes for those who are more comfortable with that form of staking. The Football Bankbuilder© project itself is very simple to implement and operates in the very popular and lucrative Over/Under 2.5 goals market. In fact, it's that very simplicity which drives the method further into profit the longer you use it.Many complex systems fall by the wayside because they're bogged down with rules which leave you bewildered. But there's no ambiguity whatsoever in the Football Bankbuilder© selection procedure, and NO trading involved. How to turn £1,000 into£30,912.68 in just 36-months The first great advantage of capturing a flow of winnings in the manner of Football Bankbuilder© is that you're regularly bringing-in a stream of initially modest profits which can quickly mount up into quite a substantial pot of cash in their own right.And then, of course, there's the 'magical' power of compounding, also known as the 'Eighth Wonder of the World', which comes into play and has a progressively greater and greater positive impact. Albert Einstein, when asked what he thought was mankind's greatest discovery famously replied, "Compound interest." No doubt said tongue in cheek but my betting bank wouldn't disagree with him - and neither is yours likely to when you use Football Bankbuilder©.Compounding works in much the same way a snowball rolled on snow-covered ground quickly turns into a giant snow boulder. The bigger it grows, the bigger it CAN grow.For example, with my Football Bankbuilder© laying project, when you start with a betting bank of only £1,000 and aim for a 10% profit each month (just 2 points) and roll-over your profits and continue to aim for a 10% profit of your new bank each month thereafter, your betting bank could grow to a tasty £30,912.68 in just 36-months. To put that into context, it's a whopping 2,991%profit from a comparatively modest outlay. And it's not difficult to see how a larger bank could turn this into a real game changer for you - especially at odds which are significantly in your favour.But I firmly recommend you begin with a starting bank of no more than £1,000 whilst you test this profit-making project for yourself.Once you have personal hands-on proof Football Bankbuilder© is what I say it is, you're in the right position to increase the size of your betting bank to your own personal requirements. Remember, the 2,991% profit mentioned above arises out of a tiny TWO points investment a MONTH. By any standard of measurement, that's nothing short of amazing.Think about that!And while you do, cast your eye over the following compounding table which details my example's month-by-month progression for the entire thirty-six months, starting with a £1,000 bank. And here's what Sgt. Jack of the renowed and highlyrespected BettingSystem Truths website hasto say about Football Bankbuilder©... "The system is very easy to use. Simply scanning the daily Betfair football fixtures easily produces a hatful of qualifying fixtures on most days. Liquidity is high on the chosen market and it is not difficult to get your lay bets matched."You can easily apply the system in 15 minutes per betting day. Opportunities to take a more hands on approach through the day by betting close to the start of matches and trying to achieve the best price also exist, but this is down to personal is a very easy to use system that performed consistently during the review period. Football Bankbuilder delivered exactly what it said it would – slow, steady growth of the bank. If you want the excitement of big swings up and down in your bankroll, this is not the system for you. If, on the other hand, you are a patient soul who will happily run the system day after day making a little bit of profit month on month, this could be a great addition to your betting portfolio."Sgt. JackBetting System Truths "Now this is what I have been looking for! A systematic method I can operate around my family & work commitments. One that makes gains month in month out, and one that is great for compounding small sums into worthwhile gains. I averaged 12 points a month from just 2 bets a day one in the morning and one in the evening! Although I know nothing about football it's very easy to operate. Let me know if you have anymore methods to evaluate and thanks for letting me be one of your 3 chosen testers for the past 6 months."Charles Keen And Goal Profits have had a great experience with Football Bankbuilder© too... Beautiful results all round which speak for themselves without any need for window dressing. But, of course, it's not all plane sailing because you may sustain a slight loss some months which could delay your reaching the target amount by month 36. However, indications are it's unlikely to be much beyond 36 months when you get there. Examples are all very well but I imagine you'll want to use Football Bankbuilder© more than just once a month - and wouldn't object to landing more than two points profit!So, to help you get the best results I'm including with the product a selection of special staking plans to suit every type of bettor.One particular plan currently averages around 12-21 points profit each-and-every month using a starting bank of just £400.The message is clear... even when starting with a small bank and small stakes, which most of us do, Football Bankbuilder© can still help you build-up a very nice lump sum in the medium to long term.Every punter is different. Some might recover their initial betting bank value once it's doubled in size and thereafter use only their winnings to fund their stakes. Others may opt to take-out half their profits at some point and continue compounding with the other half. The variations are almost endless.But whatever your favourite approach is, my Football Bankbuilder© laying project will likely turn on its head everything you've ever thought about making money from gambling on the beautiful game. Once I'd found the right procedure I simply kept repeatingthe process daily and the profits followed every month Form study and statistical analysis manifest themselves in the prices on offer in the betting markets, and as such they're essential. But Football Bankbuilder© ISN'T about spending endless hours on tedious form study and statistical analysis.Let others do all that heavy lifting. You simply ride on the back of their efforts.You see, Football Bankbuilder© is based on prices which are already available to you from the open betting markets.Betfair in particular is a very efficient market in respect of the prices on offer - but only when the event concerned is very close to the 'off'.By 'efficient' I mean that Betfair prices close to the start of an event reflect the true probability of the outcome.Put simply, you then have a near perfect book.But, of course, when you have a near perfect book there won't be any value. However, my Football Bankbuilder© laying project DOESN'T NEED value to make a profit for you.It's all in the staking plan and the prices you lay at. Together, they form the backbone of the project - a project which steadily grows your betting account by more-or-less the same amount, month-in-month out.Even when British and European domestic leagues take a break for the summer you still have as many as twenty quality football matches to work with to give you plenty of money-making opportunities all year round . If this is such 'betting dynamite', why would I share itwith you? Why not keep all the profits for myself? Because, firstly, sharing Football Bankbuilder© with a few like-minded folk simply CAN'T HURT my own profits in the least. I promise you that if it were likely to do so, you wouldn't be reading this now!There are more than 2.5 million Betfair registered users worldwide and the company processes more than six million transactions a day. That means if I shared Football Bankbuilder© with as many as 2,000Betfair subscribers it would STILL be ONLY 0.08% of smart bettorspitted against potentially 99.92% of ordinary punters. A mere drop in the ocean!Do you see?Secondly, I've put considerable time and effort into creating this project. Yes, I make good money from my personal use of it, but I'm a businessman as well as a successful gambler so why shouldn't I make a little extra by allowing a few forward-thinking people like you to share it?And as you've already seen, early testers are thrilled with their results. Rightly so, although they did express some apprehension about Football Bankbuilder© going on general release. They were understandably concerned it might cut or restrict their income and scupper their compounding progress. I assured them, as I now assure you, this won't happen because the market we operate in is simply too big to allow it .Having said that, I should point out I'm offering this project on a phased release basis because I prefer to keep its distribution down to a level where I can handle any support enquiries fully and within a reasonable time period. I fully understand if you're sceptical at this point. I would be, too, but I want to get this project into your hands so you can prove it to yourself.For that reason I'm going to send my Football Bankbuilder© laying project to you at a ridiculously low price - just £97.00.Small enough for anyone to afford but just large enough to discourage the people who could never benefit from what it does anyway. I don't want you to risk a penny! Is it worth risking £97.00 on the off-chance that there might be something here, something more than the usual hot air and hype which abounds on the Internet? Of course it is, but I don't want you to risk a penny. I seriously don't need your money that badly. So here's the deal... Order your copy of Football Bankbuilder© on approval today. You can download it immediately.Read it. Study it. Put what you learn into use for SEVEN CONSECUTIVE DAYS any time during the thirty day money-back guarantee period immediately after purchase.If you fail to make a profit in those seven consecutive days, delete the project from your system and I'll refund your money IN FULL. No quibble. No hassle. No questions asked. Simple as that.Fair enough?Order your copy on approval now. You can download it immediately.If I'm right, you could be on the road to making very useful profits very simply.If I'm wrong, you won't lose a penny.Best wishes Matt Fisher I'm delighted to announce the Profit Booster© calculator, my brand new staking tool created especially for use with Football Bankbuilder© and which already has ecstatic early users raving about the extra income it gives them. I spent more than a year thoroughly testing and honing the key algorithm to ensure it perfectly integrates with Football Bankbuilder's long established productive win/lose pattern and strike rate. Profit Booster© builds your Football Bankbuilder© profits without the need to chase losses or to increase stakes. Not that there's anything wrong with progressive staking when it's correctly deployed. But if you prefer to tread on the side of added caution, you'll find the Profit Booster© staking calculator a great help in eliminating much of the stress normally inherent in betting. Imagine running two such sequences at around +160 points each. That would be nice, wouldn't it? It certainly would — and it's by no means unrealistic! "Handles draw downs very well and gradually building bank up."M Barry,Beta Tester And all without using loss retrieval staking, so it's pretty sure to suit you no matter what your level of risk/reward is. You download Football Bankbuilder© but Profit Booster© is a free web-based calculator which you access using a unique unsername and password you receive when you order Football Bankbuilder© today. Please note: First come, first served ! The number of Profit Booster user licences is strictly limited. Order Football Bankbuilder today to be sure you get one of them. Football Bankbuilder Yours for £97.00 GBP Please note that payment is processed in US dollars equivalent to £97.00 GBP.
Publisher Andrew David
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