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JetPac_Viewer Publisher's Description

Want Easy to Read, Relevant Information Displayed Right Now on Your MT4 Chart to Help You to Better Apply Your Trading Strategies? What is the distance in pips from your favourite moving average. See each Currency Net Profit or Loss for that currencies Open Buy Trades or Open Sell Trades. Display Net Profit as a Percentage of Your Account. Know the value of one pip in your home currency for any currency pair? Get your lot sizes right easily. Display the current spread, how big is the current bar, how many up bars, how far from the recent fractal corner the price action is. See your accounts leverage, currency, which trade server you are on and lots more. There is be a better way to trade . JetPac_Viewer shows you important useful information on the MT4 chart you are trading. We wish you better trading through better information so get your JetPac_Viewer now.

Jetpac Viewer Forex Assistant by Expert Action

Dear Trader,Trading is great. But do you have all the relevant information at your fingertips? As traders ourselves, we know what it's like. The Metatrader MT4 platform is full of critical information you need to see. This is why we developed JetPac_Viewer as an essential part of your trading system. We are sure displaying important information on the chart you are using can lead to better informed trading.We all know the answer - to make a profit. No need to use your calculator again. If you have multiple currency trades open JetPac_Viewer will give a real time on screen display of profit or loss for each and every currency chart you are using. Without JetPac Viewer you start guessing the PER CURRENCY PROFIT or loss. Not a well informed way to trade. With JetPac_Viewer you canyou are trading. Now you can trade with confidence and make informed decisions.Your charts profit column does not tell you the full story as it totals all buys and sells from all currencies your trading. JetPac Viewer solves another problem as it. We know you want individual totals as most traders have separate Buy and Sell strategies and don't want just a net position. Close your Buys when you should and close your Sells when you should.It is not easy to add up the separate profit, commission and swap costs when multiple currencies are traded. Its especially difficult as the profit or loss are changing all the time. JetPac_Viewer is the better way. JetPac_Viewer displays a line on the screen that tick by tick shows you the actual NET Per Currency profit/loss for all open buy trades and all open sell trades. As you can see above this clearly shown. With Expert Action’s JetPac_Viewer you can see the true NET Per Currency profit/loss on the screen to help you.Knowledge like this could improve your trade closing choices. The potential of gaining just a few pips more profit on several trades makes JetPac_Viewer very desirable. JetPac_Viewer is a easy to install Expert Advisor you load onto a MT4 chart. Its easy to save your favourite settings and gain more control from our EA assistant tool. Dozens of settings are available to be customized if needed. Double click the smiley face icon in the top right of your chart to edit the settings. When finished just press save. Anyone can install JetPac_Viewer because we supply a user manual and the activation code for your MT4 account number.But there is more. Lots More.JetPac Viewer is a forex assistant by displaying on chart information. You select from a wide range of chart and trade server data to be display to assist with your manual forex strategies. Currency trading needs the best information for best forex profits to result. So read below the long list of forex features JetPac Viewer Assists with.Too often traders report that they had a good profit and then it evaporates. When multiple trades are open you may reach a high percentage of the account and thus you get the ability to know that your profit target is met.For example, if you see 3% profit of the account balance you may decide this is enough profit to close all open trades. JetPac_Viewer lets you see in real time the net profit/loss as a percentage of your account.This one valuable feature alone is worth much more than the price of JetPac_Viewer What is a pip worth in your home currency of USD? It's crucial to know this when setting your lot sizes. Shown here JetPac_Viewer tells you for GBPAUD it is $7.28 per pip.How about the value of a pip in USD home currency if you are trading EURUSD?Of course the value of 1 pip in USD for EURUSD is $10 per pip.How about something more exotic. JetPac Viewer forex assistant is there to show you the value in USD home currency of 1 pip for MNXJPY ( Mexican Peso & Japanese Yen). Is it worth $1 or $10 or $50? JetPac_Viewer clearly shows its only worth $0.09 or nine cents!Thus a profitable trade of 20 pips in EURUSD can make you $200 or only $1.80 in MNXJPY. You require different lot sizes for equivalent dollar amounts when considering take profit and stop loss levels for different currency pairs. Real, useful and easy to read information on your chart is what you get to have the correct information so you can set the right lot sizes for your trading strategies.Talking of lot sizes, the minimum and maximum lot size you can trade depends upon your broker. Most brokers have default standards for each currency pair they offer. Imagine this, you have a great winning strategy and you are ready to roll. If you try to place an order that is under your minimum lot size or over your maximum lot size, you won’t be able to place the order and you could miss out on your winning trade. Does your broker change minimum or maximum lot size depending upon the currency pair? How would you ever know? Well yes you can with JetPac_Viewer . Just consider the examples shown above, the minimum lot size was 0.01 for all currency pairs. But what about the maximum? Well for this broker, the maximum lot sizes are as follows:GBPAUD 50 ContractsEURUSD 100 ContractsMNXJPY 20 ContractsThe maximum lot sizes are significantly different for different currency pairs and this could cause you problems.How did the broker work out the maximum lot size? Who knows? But JetPac Viewer forex assistant is there to show you this important trade setting. Maximum contracts could be very small and could affect your trading strategy. However, you don’t have to guess or try to enter a trade and get it wrong because JetPac_Viewer shows you every time.A lot has been written about leverage. Different countries have different rules such as the USA tries to restrict leverage to 50:1 and other countries allow higher leverage up to 1000:1 or even more. Leverage may also be negotiated between you and the broker depending upon factors such as funds in your accounts, your skill level and whether you are trading with an automated system or not.Leverage may also vary depending on which account you have with a broker, who may for example allow you a higher leverage on EURUSD but not on other currency pairs. These are complications that you may not even be aware of or may have forgotten because it was arranged with the broker a while ago. As you can see from the examples above, the leverage is clearly shown, which in this case is 400:1.What matters now is what is the leverage on your accounts for different currency pairs because it affects your trading strategy. This is vital information that you need to know.Of course you know for each chart which broker it is and which account number. However the ability to clearly display these on the screen has its uses. You may have many charts and brokers and it makes it easy to see as you review your trades. We also show the account’s currency. As traders, it may be advantageous to have accounts in different currencies depending upon which currency pairs you are using. JetPac Viewer forex assistant is there to show you the home currency as it can have a big impact on swap rates and interest rates. If you are moving between different currency charts displaying which currency applies is a strong VISUAL BENEFIT to you. You can always turn this feature on as JetPac Viewer Forex Assistant because using JetPac_Viewer set-file puts you in control of your settings.Some traders like to save screen copies of their charts. Having the account number and currency clearly displayed is of great assistance when reviewing these saved charts later.It doesn’t matter if you are trading daily, weekly or 1 minute charts, you know your trading strategies and you know what information you require. However, current price movements and data can enhance your decision making.The orange bar is 20 pips in both images. Really they are.The orange bar is 20 pips. Can you see how your view of recent trades changes depending on if you are zoomed out or in. It is very difficult to determine the size of the current bar by just looking. As you can see, the view can be distorted by the scale. What looks like a big bar when totally zoomed in may, in fact only be a small bar in the bigger picture.If you think the current bar is big when it is small compared to usual bar size for a currency pair, you may close too early and miss out on additional profits. What is the answer to this viewing problem? JetPac_Viewer tells you the current bar size in pips. Now you know every time and can trade more confidently with this vital information there on the screen for you to use.Other than big price movements on announcements, traders know that the market doesn’t move smoothly up or down. Even a strong trending environment has reverse excursions that can cause even seasoned traders some grief. It is these excursions that make many trailing stop strategies less effective than they should be. Invaluable information can be liberating. JetPac_Viewer provides insightful details to help you. For example, it is very useful to double check how many up or down bars have just occurred.However JetPac_Viewer is more versatile. Let’s say you are trading EURUSD on H1 and JetPac_Viewer displays that you have 2 down bars. You may want to look at M5 to see what the short term price is doing, so, all you need to do is open another chart and set up JetPac_Viewer on M5. Now you can swap between your main chart on H1 and your short term chart on M5. The short term flow such as number of up and down bars can assist you to trade on your main H1 chart.Many traders use moving averages. We have set as default 50 and 200 but of course you can go into the set file and change them. Some traders consider the distance from the price to a moving average and that is why the display shows that distance in pips, but there is more. Some traders trade the crossing of moving averages and even consider when they are getting close to crossing. JetPac_Viewer also shows the pip distance between the 2 nominated moving averages that you have chosen.So if your a Phase A, Phase B trader, getting a better sense of distances to your main moving averages might be the most important thing you need.A great fantastic tool so why wait, get yours today... This new tool provides clear and useful information for you to see and use. A lot of information is not usually accessible for traders directly on their chart.Be clear about your broker settings then start trading and being able to see what each currency is doing. Be able to work in Percent profit not just dollars. Bars sizes become visible - does your strategy need the current bar to have enough size to show market movement. You know that closing trades on a Moving average can be problematic as the price may just miss it - our viewer tool tells you how close you are. Also we have streamlined our code for JetPac_Viewer so it does not load your metatrader terminal so take confidence and get yours today.A multi featured tool so why wait, get yours today...
Publisher Expert Action Pty Ltd
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