Publisher's Description

2knowmyself Coaching Service (special offer)

2knowmyself Coaching Service (special offer) Publisher's Description

2knowmyself Coaching Service (special offer)

Mobile-Based Coaching Service | 2KnowMySelf

What are you waiting for? Now is the time for you to take action too!Are you tired of being depressed? Have you heard numerous advice to combat depression but still can’t pick yourself up to apply them?Are you finding it hard to have a firm control over your life, or really understand yourself? Do you want to fix your life but don’t know how or from where to start?Are you suffering from low self-esteem or wish you had the self-confidence you desire? Do you wish you had and were able to deal well with others; in any context?Do you suffer from loneliness and not finding the right people to connect with in your life? Are you not being able to deal with certain people?Are you suffering from the hurts of break-ups and not being able to move on? Is it difficult for you to find the right person?Are you not able to achieve the things you want – money or success? Do you wake up every day ? Are you still trying to figure out your purpose in life or are you confused in terms of how to fulfill it It is high time you took proactive steps to fix your problems, and finally live the happy, fulfilling, and successful life you deserve. If you are looking for professional, experienced and certified coaches to talk to, confide in, and receive clean and concise advice from, you are at the right place! With our flexible mobile phone based coaching, we will provide you with daily unique advice whenever needed that will help you tackle your problems and proffer practical solutions. receives over one million page visits every month, that’s one million different people every two month who have decided to take matters into their own hands , and finally get the befitting solutions to their unique problems, and get rid of the obstacles that have been impeding them from moving forward with their lives. Every skill and behavior is learnable. The more you learn, the better you behave and are able to deal with things better, and achieve what you want. With our experienced & certified coaches available whenever you need them , you have the advantage of dealing with professionals who have the right information that can wholesomely tackle your specific problems. This will always help you deal with your troubles the right way, thus helping you live a better life. By talking to our experienced coaches, and very strictly following their advice on a daily basis, you will finally be able to rid yourself of the problems and issues that burden your mind and essentially, your life. You will finally be able to have the inner peace and sound state of mind to pursue all that you need to do, and ultimately lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. What are you waiting for? is the time for you to take action too, and join the millions of other people who have received the right help and got rid of unwanted emotions and are now living the good life they deserve. Expert advice You are only going to talk to an expert when you apply to 2knowmyself coaching. There won't be nonsense advice, logical tips or intuitive instructions but you will only talk to experts who know exactly how to solve your emotional problems and make you feel much better about yourself. Life experienced coaches: Do you want to become financially successful? Then you will talk to a financially successful coach. Do you want to heal an emotional wound? then you will speak to an expert in psychology. With 2knowmyself coaching you will only speak to those who know exactly how to handle the situation you are now going through. 100% privacy and complete anonymity All communication between you and our professional coaches are strictly confidential and private. No one will be privy to or able to view your information and discussions other than your coach. All your information and correspondence with our coaches is 100% private, and no one will ever know you applied to the coaching service. Your credit card statement won’t even show the coaching service listed. It will only display the transaction made by click2sell or Paypal and the amount charged, without listing the name of the service you paid for. Unbeatable Price Did you know that the average per hour price of any professional certified coaching service is than what we charge? Also, our service is four times cheaper than a shrink and twice as effective. To speak to a professional psychologist for an hour you might need to pay 200 US dollars. If you visited them 5 times a week that's 1000 Dollars or 4000 dollars per month. we only charge 99/week , after the free trial of course, and we promise you even better results. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay over the odds to receive professional help and advice. We are committed to ensuring that you live a fulfilled and happy life without having to break the bank. Simply put, you won’t find a better and cheaper subscription based professional counselling service anywhere else. Convenience It is very convenient to use our coaching service. You can simply send your coach a text or a voice message at any time of the day and on the go, instead of booking an appointment to speak with them. You will receive your advice in the same manner, making our service more flexible, fast, comfortable, and convenient. Our coaches will always respond back with voice messages so that it feels like you have spoken with them on the phone. The messages can be heard at anytime and you can keep them forever. 100% Secure Transactions All transactions pass through or paypal. click2sell will not only make sure that your payment is secure, they will also take extra measures to prevent you from any kind of internet threat. Order security is guaranteed. What do you stand to gain? With our mobile daily messaging counselling subscription service, you’ll be able to: Look yourself in the mirror and understand your own reflection Forget about that bad breakup and finally move on with your life Reach a very high level of self-confidence you never knew you could Finally step out from the shadows of depression Get a suitable cure for your debasing inferiority complex Move from your state of shyness and become a sociable person Deal with financial problems and become Better at handling money Deal with business issues and learn how to push your business in the right direction Move out of your perpetual state of loneliness and learn how to create real intimacy Correctly you might have with your life, get help with all your unwanted emotions, and Certified Master NLP Practitioners from the American Board of NLP Certified Master Hypnosis Practitioners from the American Board of Hypnosis Certified Master Time Line Therapy Practitioners from the American Board of TLT International Personal Development Trainers and Coaches with over 10 years’ experience in speaking and coaching around the world providing services to both individuals and multi-national companies specializing in Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Body Language, Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Depression and Time Management Our Coaches have been Interviewed and covered by several TV channels and popular newspapers Our weekly subscription service is valued at $99 for a limited period of time (instead of $200). Support given through chatting via voice messages or text directly from your mobile phone (with free WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or KIK App) You can connect with your coach an unlimited amount of times a day by message (voice or written) and talk to them about anything you need whenever you need You will get You will always find someone professional to talk to and confide in You can send unlimited number of messages You can cancel your subscription anytime you wish, even after your free week Are you ready to finally take full control of your life, get the right advice on what will work for ? Skip all the generic advice and get personalized professional guidance that is tailored especially ! Subscribe now and get your free week coaching! You’ve got nothing to lose!; you can cancel your subscription anytime even right after your free week if you wish! We are sure you’ll want to continue. Or Use Pursue a deeper understanding of yourself, and live the full, happy life that you’ve always wanted. “I'm really excited. Your advice has been so clean and concise and i now have something to refer to and follow. P.S. I been following the rules of the first email and i have been happier in general.. it's kind of amazing....” Joan - USA "OMG you saw me so well!!! and I am really surprised. Yeah you are right! And nobody has seen me so CLEARLY! TRULY THANKS!!!! I already feel the effect of it. something has changed in my life ;)" Pris - Australia “I just want to say thanks for everything, you have been a great coach and friend in those times I was down...thank you. It was a pleasure having these sessions with you I enjoyed everyone of them very much...:)“ William Inthahack - Canada “You know what coach? ..I am liking my change spirit as know why ? because I thought that this whole coaching thing is going to be a good idea and oh my GOD it is a damn good idea so far. Your encouraging words, it echoes in my head all week long and it keeps me up and motivated all the time.“ Wael Naeem - Egypt “Thanks very much for your very good email! We are a week further and I must say your advice is excellent. I feel much better after 10 days because I have much more insight in my own behavior, the rules in the beginning were very effective; in particular your words: "it's a deal". They function as very simple, concrete instruments to correct your behavior during the day. Direct improvement, took action on many important things.“ Rian Verhoeven – Netherlands I'm really excited. Your advice has been so clean and concise and i now have something to refer to and follow. P.S. I been following the rules of the first email and i have been happier in general.. it's kind of amazing.... Joan - USA Farouk was able to provide one on one coaching that allowed me to move past old emotional issues and move forward with my life. I highly recommend Farouk's service to anyone who is going through a hard time and needs some guidance to help them get to a better place BNKG - USA Reem's one of the most talented life coaches. With her positive energy, inspiration, & coaching talent, she succeeds in guiding you with the most suitable techniques to handle and solve any difficulty or problem from its root cause. Chaza el houssini - Egypt Subscribe now and get your free week coaching! You’ve got nothing to lose!; you can cancel your subscription anytime even right after your free week if you wish! We are sure you’ll want to continue. Please contact US in case you have any questions using the contact form or using the email address [email protected] Click2Sell is an authorized reseller of The sale will go through Click2sell which will handle the credit card processing.
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