Publisher's Description

175 Bargain PLR Products

175 Bargain PLR Products Publisher's Description

175 unrestricted Bargain Priced Private Label Rights Products.

175 Bargain PLR Products

What Can You Do With This Collection? Can Edit the Whole Content Brand Your Name as the Author Broken Down into Articles Used as Website Content Added to Your Membership Sites Published Online and Offline Give it Away to Your Subscribers Resell at Higher Price and More Get 175 Unrestricted Bargain Price PLR Products These products are YOURS to put your name on, sell, give away to build your list and more! You will probably never see such a large collection of low cost, high quality PLR anywhere else And that's not all! You will have resale rights to this webpage. You will get the all the files, download files and a copy of this product page. Resell these products together. Just like I'm doing. Because you can use all the promotional material AND the products on your webspace you can build a buyers list with it! And of course you can improve your knowlege of internet marketing with this comprehensive collection of information products. When you buy this product you'll see exactly what I mean... Here's the full list of high quality PLR you'll receive: Including The Sales Page, Thankyou Page And All The Legal Pages Just count on how many ways you can profit with them! Instantly create your own products. First and foremost, you may want to manifest your dream to have your own series of products that you can proud of and have full control on them. Here is the real beauty of PLR that will help you to shine! With the ability to edit the whole content to anyhow you like, you can create your own products almost instantly. Just imagine having a huge collection of high quality ready-made products that you can simply stamp your name as the author and claim them yours without the need to write a single word on the content. How cool is that! No more hassle on creating the products from scratch! The product that you can create also will be vast and it’s not only limited to eBooks. You can slice the content into pieces and sell them as Articles Pack, use the information within to create Audio Products, Tutorial Videos, burn them on CDs or you can print them out and sell offline! Sell your products with Joint Venture and Affiliate Program. Now, you already have your own products. Go get people to buy them! Create an attractive sales page with cool design, killer headline, persuasive sales copy (or you can use the ready made sales page) and start bring traffics to get your first sale. While it’s not really necessary, you might want to find a JV partner and also setup an affiliate program to have a powerful line of marketers promoting your products. There are so many platforms to help you on this such as ClickBank, JVZoo, PayDotCom, CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) etc. To attract more affiliates, you can give high commission for them, make 2-tier commission, run an affiliate contest or provide instant commission payment. Get them to promote your products and watch your revenue fly high on auto-pilot! Resale the PLR or sell with Master Resale Rights. All these rights will add the value to your products and will attract other marketers too. By just adding these rights, you can easily multiply your product price! For example if your products sell for $27, then you can sell with PLR for $97 or $47 for Master Resale Rights. You can set the price higher if you want. It’s totally depends on you. This method will bring an immense profit rather than you just sell it as Personal Use Rights. Use the products to Create a new Membership Site. This is one of the great opportunity to kick-start your own monthly profit-pulling machine. Everything must be setup properly and you need a huge amount of products to fill in the blank space in your newborn site. This package is your perfect source! Use them as the content for your new membership site. If you already have a membership sites, then you can add this package to your current portfolio of products. Create a Niche Site to make money with AdSense and Flippa. You can create a niche (or microniche) site and use this package as your website content. Optimize them by targeting a low competition and high paying keyword to boost your AdSense earning. Also place the ads unit at the strategic location such as below the post title and in the middle of the content to increase the CTR. If your site start to generate steady income, received daily constant traffic and rank very well on the search engine, you can simply sell your website on Flippa for instant massive profits! Use them as Viral Promotion Tools for your Affiliate Link. Another viable method is to set these products as promotion tools for your affiliate link. Now you can have a series of Viral eBooks that will promote your link every day for free. Pick any of the eBooks with relevant niche, put a banner or product resources at the end of the content (or anywhere inside) together with your affiliate link and distribute it as Free eBooks. Make them shareable and encourage people to share by providing the Giveaway Rights so that they can share the eBooks with their family, friends and others. This is very effective to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate offer! Compile a Rebrandable eBook and sell with Rebranding Rights. This is similar to the method above but with more advanced profit strategy. The idea is the same. Spread the affiliate links inside the products of your choice but this time you make the links rebrandable so that when people buy your products, they can simply rebrand the links with their affiliates ID. This kind of method will work to attract other affiliate marketers or anyone who desired a passive side income to buy your products. You can sell the products with double the normal price! Create your very own eCourses. You can easily create many eCourses from any portion of the content. This can be good as leads generator to attract laser targeted prospects that can buy your main products or affiliate offers. You can create 5-10 short lessons eCourse and then load them into your autoresponder. Get people to subscribes, and sell your main products (or anything) through this process. Use the information to create eZine Articles. This method can drive free traffics for your new products and also good for off-page SEO that will increase your website SERP. You can extract part of the contents to create eZine articles and published them on eZine site. Don’t forget to take advantage on the resource box at the end of the article to promote your new product website! You can literally use 500-750 words in the content as an article and get your site promoted to hundreds or thousands of potential customers for free! Pack the products as Bonuses. Don’t just stop on creating your own products with the information contain in this package. You can use them as bonuses to add more value to your main products which will increase the conversion rates and in the same time will bring you more happy customers. These bonuses also can encourage people to subscribe into your lists, attract anyone to buy affiliate products through your affiliate link (make affiliate bonus) and also as incentives to get people to buy anything that you offer! You can pack a unique product with three or more bonuses to easily create a package of $47! "This is Really AWESOME! But How Much It's Going to Cost Me?" You will probably never see such a large collection of high quality PLR anywhere else. Now how much do you think it's worth? I could easily sell it for $97. But I know that would put it out of reach of a lot of people. $27 is a fair price for this. Remember you can easily build a list with these products - or sell them - time after time. But instead - for a limited time only. I'm offering these 175 PLR products for just * Once your secure payment is completed, you’ll get instant Digital access to your product and bonuses. I'm aiming to make your investment to be as smooth as possible! And I’ll sweeten the deal with my… That's right. You can test drive this product for a full 30 days after your purchase to check out this product to see if it is for you. Read it. Absorb. Apply it to your life. Observe the results. If for any reason at all, you're not satisfied with this product whatsoever, just contact me, let me know why, and I'll refund your purchase, provided you delete the copy off your hard drive. YOU CANNOT LOSE. P.S: Don't think. Don't wonder. Just try. Purchase this and test-drive it risk-free for the next 60 days. If it doesn't meet your strict expectations, you can always ask for your money back. No haggles. No hassles. I’ll shoulder the entire risk of your purchase so that you don't have to. You have absolutely nothing to lose! "Grab Your Copy Today, Even If It Is 2 A.M. In The Morning!"
Publisher Ken swift
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